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Caps for Kids with Cancer, May 2016

The Caring in Action team of the Assistance League of Greater Collin County conducted three 2-day workshops where 40 members of our organization spent 260 hours creating over 200 Caps for Kids with Cancer for Children’s Medical Center of Plano.

The caps are brightly colored baseball caps that have been decorated with sports gear, team logos, Disney characters, cartoon figures, flowers, cars, trucks and other designs that appeal to children of various ages. Most of the caps were decorated with free form shapes cut from a variety of fabrics. The fabric cutouts are glued to the caps and then outlined with bright, shiny fabric paint. A portion of the caps was decorated with designs hand-drawn with permanent markers. Youth volunteers within our community created many of these artistic masterpieces.

The decorated caps were donated to the Children’s Medical Center of Plano where they are given to children undergoing treatment for cancer.

caps-for-kids1     caps-for-kids-3    caps-for-kids-2