Assistance League Greater Collin County

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Shop and Support Assistance League, November 2016

Tis the season… of lots of shopping and you can support Assistance League of Greater Collin County at the same time. When shopping online, use Smile Amazon instead of Amazon. It’s the exact same thing and your account login is the same, however, by using Smile Amazon a percentage of your purchases go to your charity of choice. To set your charity of choice go to Amazon Smile, login and click on Your Account dropdown menu, select Your Account, and under Settings you will see a selection to set your charity. We hope you will select Assistance League of Greater Collin County!

This really adds up…Don’t forget to register Assistance League of Greater Collin County as your charity of choice where you grocery shop. To learn more about the grocery store donations, visit the following websites for Kroger and Tom Thumb:

Please register!